eSign documents and policies

Electronically sign workplace agreements, policies and online forms.

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Manage acknowledgements of policies and procedures electronically.

Record agreements and capture electronic acknowledgements of reading policies or procedures with Altora’s eSign feature.

Capture digital signatures for speed and efficiency

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Save time and resources with eSign

Dedicated Support Team

You’re supported by a dedicated support team that is responsive and helpful to your needs. Talk to our team about how Altora can work for your business.

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The core values and principles that drive us

Cutting-edge onboarding solutions for real business challenges

Long-term commitment

Long-term commitment

Cutting-edge technology that’s flexible, responsive and reliable.

Innovative, simple and cost-effective

Innovative, simple and cost-effective

Quality, workforce management solutions at the right price.

Genuine, personalised customer support

Genuine, personalised customer support

Tools and technical support backed by dedicated support management.

Induct workers with ease. Anywhere, anytime.

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