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The time invested in managing the onboarding requirements of new employees and labour hires can be costly as your business needs change and grow. With inductions and training required for most companies in manufacturing, a streamlined onboarding process is vital.

Altora technology innovations simplify the management of onboarding and training for manufacturing industries. Our innovative platform delivers organisational inductions and customisable pre-requisite training and automates training renewal reminders.

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Flexibility with remote accessibility

Taking onboarding and induction processes online frees up time and resources and ensures employees and labourers have the thorough training necessary to be safe on-site. Compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices provides workers access anytime, anywhere through a web browser-based system.

Comprehensive compliance

Compliance is a critical factor in manufacturing, where anything from on-site conditions to equipment handling requires specialised knowledge and training to protect workers. With Altora’s all-in-one platform, compliance management is made easy. All documentation is gathered in a single place, while induction completion information is kept up to date with automated notifications for future training requirements.

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Risk management and safety

The incident reporting and check-in system are integrated into the Altora online induction software package, providing on-site remote functionality. With many different waivers and policies required for safety, this technology helps businesses to streamline how they keep workers safe, with inbuilt emergency contact information and medical details for comprehensive cover.

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