Integrate your other systems with Altora to streamline processes for your company, saving you time and valuable resources.

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Integrate the tools you use every day.

Our API is simple to use so it’s easy to link your tools and systems to Altora.

We’re continuously enhancing our systems to make them work in the real world enabling data to be made useful.

Using our robust REST APIs, our customers have successfully connected to their existing HR, Payroll Software, LMS, and Visitor Management Systems with Altora.

Please contact us to find out if your specific integration requirement is feasible.

Custom Integration

Altora has partnered with The Joinary who are our trusted custom integration consultants.

Boost your business operations efficiency using automation and integration between your systems + Altora. 

How it works:

  1. Get in touch with The Joinary for an initial briefing call to gather an overview of your automation requirements.
  2. A scope of work proposal is put together for you to review the work involved, including costs and timeframes.
  3. If accepted, work is carried out and most projects are completed within 15-20 days depending on complexity. 

Simplify your worker onboarding and compliance with powerful, easy-to-use, reliable software.

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