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Are you looking for sign-in software that’s affordable, reliable and straightforward?

There are plenty of indicators that it’s time to consider changing your sign-in procedure. For example, if you’re struggling to coordinate multiple software packages. Or handwritten logbooks are unreliable and difficult. Or the job of organising who’s-on-site information is an ongoing battle. We get it.   That’s why we created the Altora Check-in System with features such as: 
  • A single multi-functional platform
  • An affordable system with a predictable cost model
  • A simple, effective user interface
  • Efficient information management and reporting. 
Our on-site system uses a clean interface to record user sign-ins via tablet or phone. It ensures that worker information is up-to-date, and everyone must satisfy compliance requirements.
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Quick and easy set-up. Live within minutes.

Single sign-in software

  • Real-time view of every check-in
  • Easily search records
  • Manage multiple sites on a central dashboard

Built-in induction

  • Efficient onboarding
  • Improved safety communication
  • On-the-spot induction when needed

Custom flows

  • Create flows to suit the needs of the site
  • Assign site requirement checks

Realistic pricing

  • Oversee check-ins across all sites
  • No unnecessary hardware support fees
  • Set-up your own check-in
  • Cost certainty

Contactless mobile

  • Smooth check-in for unstaffed sites or where a kiosk isn’t required
  • Seamless options for own device or company device check-in

Information availability

  • Quickly identify who’s on-site for swift evacuation or other  emergency action
  • Get real-time data via Altora’s portal

How Altora's Check-In System works

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  • Set up check-in points Set up kiosks or mobile check-in with customised worker flows and requirements.
  • Check-in Worker requirements are verified at check in.
  • Complete the check-in requirements Worker uses QR code to access induction, or completes missing or expired tasks.
  • Instant notifications Admin receives notifications, including compliance status, when workers check-in.
  • Check-out Workers use their mobile phone number to check out.
  • Records View check-in records at any time, including who’s-on-site.
  • We’ve helped hundreds of companies streamline their worker check-in and compliance obligations, including:

    Are you seeking a single check-in, induction and worker management platform?

    With optional add-ons, Altora’s Check-in System complements our induction and contractor management systems. Here’s how:

    computer and mobile with altora software

    Online Induction System

    • Send users a link to complete induction before arriving on-site
    • Request licences and certificates from users
    • Store important documents and training records in a central hub
    Learn more

    Contractor Management System

    • Manage contractors on our easy-to-use system
    • Prequalify and verify compliance requirements in a few simple steps
    • Keep track of insurance requirements with minimal effort
    Learn more

    Seven reasons to consider Altora’s Check-in System

    Transparent, competitively priced solutions

    Find a pricing plan that best suits your organisation, or choose our optional add-on products for more business benefits.
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    Our cloud platform is secure. We comply with industry standards, laws and regulations to protect your data.
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    Access our online support centre any time of day or night, or connect with a tech support team member during standard work hours.

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    Streamline your operations with our API package to integrate with your software, or speak to us about custom integration.


    Find out what our clients think about our sign-in software

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    Altora is easy to use and cost-effective with amazing customer support.

    Aurelia Metals uses Altora for induction and contractor management and we’re happy with the system for its simplicity and the ability to add unlimited users for no additional fees. In particular, Altora Support won us over as they offered detailed answers to our queries and were quick to respond.

    Aurelia Metals would recommend Altora to others as it’s so easy to use and very effective.

    Shayne Daniels

    Senior Training Advisor
    Aurelia Metals Ltd

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    Frequently asked questions

    Both options are possible. You can either:
    1. Set up a tablet at the entrance of the site and allow your workers to use it to check-in; or
    2. Set up a QR code at the entrance of the site and allow your workers check in by scanning the code with their mobile devices.
    If necessary, you can also reset the QR code for a site. For example, for any security concerns. 

    A geofence is a virtual boundary. It’s often used for monitoring whether a worker’s mobile device enters or leaves a specific area or zone. At this stage, we don’t have a geofencing function for our Check-in System.

    Yes, our software has a function that sends notifications to an admin (or multiple admins) whenever a worker checks in on-site. The notification is immediate, and different admins can be set up for each site.

    Yes, our software has a function that sends notifications to an admin (or multiple admins) whenever a worker doesn’t meet the mandatory site check-in requirements.

    Yes, we’ve made sure who’s-on-site information is accessible. There are two ways to locate the information. Either:

    1. Go to the admin panel and use the button for who’s-on-site information; or
    2. Set up your check-in device with a special function to view all checked-in workers.

    Yes, we’ve given you an option to manually check-out workers in the admin panel. You can set a date and time of check-out so your records are complete. 

    Yes, you can go to the admin panel and use the date range filter to view a date or date range. You can also export this information as a CSV file.

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    Simplify worker onboarding and compliance with our sign-in software. It’s powerful, easy-to-use and reliable.

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