Contractor Management System

Capture and track contractor compliance with ease

Are you looking for a way to simplify your contractor prequalification process?

Efficient contractor management is critical for business operations, yet the prequalification process often slows things down.

We understand the problems this can cause, so our Contractor Management System offers a streamlined, risk-mitigated solution. It’s easy to use with quick compliance assessment and management, designed to meet your organisation’s needs and regulatory requirements.

The Contractor Management System centralises contractor engagement with features such as digital document handling, automated alerts, and comprehensive reporting. It aims to boost efficiency, decision-making clarity, and operational convenience.

Because, when it comes to contractor management, it’s true what they say: time is money.

Screenshot of Altora's Contractor Management System dashboard

Prequalify. Manage. Validate.

Prequalify contractors

  • Customise electronic questionnaires for online prequalification
  • A streamlined digital process for contractor vetting

Set minimum requirements

  • Customise checklists for specific contractor types
  • Collect essential documents like licenses, permits, and insurance records

Store important documents

  • Digitally store key WHS documents
  • Choose to include documents such as safety management plans, SWMS, JSAs, risk assessments, SOPs or other WHS documents

Rate contractor performance

  • Provide feedback and ratings on contractor work
  • Use performance data for informed future project decisions

Access to contractor dashboard

  • Easy-to-use dashboard for contractors to manage requirements
  • Simplified compliance and task management

Set automatic renewal reminders

  • Automated alerts for license and certification renewals
  • Ensure continuous compliance and up-to-date documentation

How Altora's Contractor Management System works

contractor compliance flow
  • Create and invite Invite the contractor to complete the prequalification process online.
  • Prequalification The contractor submits the required information and compliance documents
  • Review and verify Check compliance and ensure contractors have the correct WHS documents
  • Worker inductions The contractor manages their own staff inductions and compliance
  • Automated reminders Automatic notifications for insurance renewals and expiring licences and certificates
  • Manage and evaluate Evaluate contractor compliance with comprehensive overviews and reporting tools
  • Join the hundreds of companies that have had success with Altora’s systems:

    Are you seeking a single system for worker management, check-in and induction?

    Contractor looking at his tablet and screengrabs of Altora’s Contractor Management System portal

    Contractor looking at his tablet and screengrabs of Altora’s contractor portal and Online Induction System

    Check-in System

    • Live view of check-ins for real-time monitoring
    • Seamless on-the-spot induction and compliance verification
    • Quick and contactless check-in via QR code or digital kiosks
    Learn more

    Online Induction System

    • Workers can self-register and complete training before arriving on site
    • Central hub for training logs, compliance reports and other important information
    • eSign facilities to safely and efficiently acknowledge and sign documents
    Learn more

    Seven reasons to consider Altora's Contractor Management System

    Transparent, competitively priced solutions

    Choose from one of three pricing plans, or combine the contractor management software with our Online Inductions System for added business benefits.
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    Rigorous industry standards and regulations to safeguard your contractor data.
    icon of a support centre


    24/7 access to our online support centre with additional specialist tech support during business hours.
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    Options to integrate our system with your existing software using our robust API or other customised integration solutions.


    Find out what our clients think about our Contractor Management System

    victorian museum

    Museums Victoria have been using Altora for several years in order to support a system of contractor management across its sites. We find the Altora system to be straightforward and easy for our staff to use.

    Altora continuously updates its system to include the additional functions that are relevant to our needs; one reason why we continue to stay on as a customer. The flexibility of Altora allows us to manage a large number of users and several administrators across the platform. In addition, the support we’ve received from Altora has also been incredibly helpful.

    We’re happy to recommend Altora to other businesses and organisations like ours.

    Karlo Milosevic

    Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing
    People & Engagement
    Museums Victoria

    logos victoria logos

    Frequently asked questions

    No. There’s no limit. Our Contractor Management System is scalable so that we can accommodate unlimited companies. It’s how we help you effectively manage large-scale contractor management.
    Yes. Altora can ask your third-party contractor companies to complete your prequalification flow before being added to the system as your contractors. The flow can include a questionnaire and a selection of minimum requirements such as insurance documents and licences. Then the third-party contractors must be approved by your administrators.
    No. Third-party companies can’t add themselves to your Contractor Management System software. Only your administrators can add them via the admin panel. This helps to maintain security and control and to prevent unauthorised access.
    Yes. Companies can invite their workers to complete the required inductions on the Altora platform. This helps to streamline the onboarding process while ensuring compliance.
    Yes. Third-party companies can access real-time data about their workers’ induction status, providing transparency and ensuring compliance with training requirements.

    Yes. Altora’s software allows you to request specific work health and safety documents from contractors, such as JSAs, SWMSs, and risk assessments. This feature helps you monitor contractor safety and compliance.

    Yes. Altora is an entirely customisable platform that allows you to use your preferred naming convention.
    No. You don’t need our Contractor Management System in place to induct individual workers from a third-party company. However, our system allows you to manage and monitor the third-party company’s compliance, making it a comprehensive onboarding solution.

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