Health and Aged Care

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Health and Aged Care

The demands placed on the health and aged care industries for compliance and continual training can be challenging to manage. In an industry with little time to spare, developing solutions to enhance efficiency and ensure safety for patients and workers are crucial.

Altora’s online induction platform allows health and aged care facilities to go digital for their onboarding and compliance practices. A robust and reliable onboarding process is vital in an industry where time and safety are critical.

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Streamlined onboarding

Altora streamlines meeting compliance requirements to ensure all checks are made. Instead of dealing with complex or manual onboarding with training from multiple or offline sources, we streamline everything into a single software solution. Our fast, reliable technology makes onboarding an effortless task.

Record maintenance

Ensuring employees have all of their necessary training up to date is essential, whether you work within a government department or an educational setting. Altora’s online induction software and contractor management system provide the central platform needed with automated reminder notifications to refresh training requirements and a maintained database of all mandatory workplace documentation.
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Automate contractor management

From Casual Relief Teachers, to volunteers, visitors and labour hire, Altora makes it easy to manage the induction of external professionals to streamline contractor management processes, reducing time and ensuring outsourcing is as efficient as possible. We help you maintain the high standards expected within the education industry and government bodies.

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Chiaro Christian School Case Study

Education Case Study

Chairo Christian School have been with Altora since late 2018. Read on to discover more about their organisation and how the Altora online induction system has benefitted them…

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