Hospitality and Events

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Hospitality and Events

The range of employees, vendors and volunteers involved in events and entertainment requires careful management. Ensuring all stakeholders receive a comprehensive induction is vital for maintaining safety standards and meeting compliance requirements. Altora’s online induction and contractor management technology simplifies the onboarding process for the hospitality and events industry.

With the ability to handle seasonality and significant turnover, the Altora platform delivers the support you need without the per-user costs of other platforms.

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As versatile as your staffing solutions

Throughout the year, staff turnover can be high, and the number of employees and contractors working for you can fluctuate depending on the season. Altora can easily induct a large number of users and comes with the ability to activate and deactivate users to simplify staffing management without any loss of records. Unlike other providers in the market, there is no per-user fee which delivers significant cost savings for the events and entertainment industries.

Comprehensive compliance

Safety is a high priority in the hospitality and events industry for the general public, workers and suppliers. The ability to digitally collect and store qualifications, licences and WHS documents in a convenient location helps your business keep on top of current compliance requirements.

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Reduce risk and enhance safety

The ability to verify and approve documentation is vital in these industries, given the additional responsibilities of meeting health and safety regulations for the general public. The Altora online induction platform and contractor management system provide the ability to schedule reports to monitor whether qualifications and insurances are up to date.

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Event Case Study

Village Roadshow Theme Parks came to us looking for a better way to induct their contractors. They were looking for an online system that was flexible, easy to modify and update, but most of all looking for a system that was relatively “hands free” that would not require involvement or intervention of a full-time administrator.

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