Transport, Logistics and Warehousing

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Transport, Logistics and Warehousing

The transport, logistics and warehousing industries are fast-paced, requiring a software solution that’s just as robust to handle onboarding, compliance and risk management. Altora meets the demand of these industries to assist your workplace in complying with safety regulations and industry standards while reducing the time spent on onboarding administration.

Separating inductions for numerous states based on varying license requirements for truck drivers can be a headache within these industries. The more complex your induction process, the longer new workers and drivers take to onboard and start work. Altora simplifies onboarding with our online induction and contractor management platform to provide the benefits of a versatile solution with less administration.

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Speedy inductions to get on the road

As a diverse industry with varying job roles, from forklift driving to heavy combination licence jobs, your induction and contractor management software must be as flexible as your workers’ requirements. Altora provides the ideal solution to handle inductions on a per-state or per-role basis, including factors such as the driver’s age and occupation to tailor your automated onboarding process.

Comprehensive compliance

From signing waivers to completing medical checks, maintaining full compliance is effortless with Altora. Our software delivers a single location containing all necessary documentation and training information to ensure your records are up-to-date and that all your employees and contractors meet industry standards.

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Book a free demo and trial with our team to discover how Altora can help you. We’ll connect you with one of our product specialists to provide a live tour of our platform. If you have a query, contact our team directly.

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DSE Transport Case Study

With a large workforce spread throughout Australia, DSE sought a single induction and onboarding system for its drivers, administrative employees and labour hire workforce. 

Find out how Altora helped DSE achieve its goal and gain a commercial edge. 

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