Mining, Utilities and Agriculture

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Mining, Utilities and Agriculture

The required safety standards and level of compliance in the mining and utilities industries are higher than most – and for a good reason, due to the high-risk work environments. Ensuring workers complete compliance requirements and are qualified to work on-site can be time-consuming.

Altora’s online induction platform and contractor management system provide a central hub to streamline the onboarding, compliance and risk management requirements.

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Complete onboarding solution

The limitations of face-to-face training can lead to drawn-out onboarding processes. Altora transforms training and onboarding schedules with digitalisation, providing a single online platform where workers can complete necessary induction training from any device, anywhere, at any time. The technology can even cater for various types of mines, above and below ground which is ideal for emergency call-out workers.

Keep in every necessary compliance.

Compliance regulations require mining and utility workers to be qualified and licensed within their particular line of work. Altora provides an online platform to store, verify and approve all the required paperwork and trade-specific certifications and licences. Contractor management has never been easier with the option to pre-qualify potential suppliers and contractors.

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Manage risks and safety remotely.

Risk management and check-in solutions are included within the Altora suite of products, delivering the functionality necessary to improve safety procedures on-site. From ensuring licences are up to date to actively reporting incidents and introducing remote check-ins. Altora can also be set up to have multiple site locations with onboarding requirements specific to each location.

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Mining Case Study

Aurelia Metals Ltd is Australian mining and exploration company with a highly strategic landholding and three operating gold mines including the Peak and Hera Mines in the Cobar Basin and the Dargues Mine in southeastern NSW. Aurelia Metals’ vision is to be recognised as creating exceptional value through their people and portfolio of gold and base metal assets.

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