Meet the site requirements

Validate, disallow, or conditionally approve

Screenshot of worker check-in and induction information to meet the site's requirements.
Efficiency is important when you’re managing a busy worksite. And if you’re responsible for multiple sites, it’s critical. That’s why we designed our Check-in System with at-a-glance confirmation, so it only takes a few seconds to assess whether workers meet the site requirements. Then they’re ready for work, and you can move on to your other responsibilities.

Customise flows to suit your workplace

Stay in control by flagging issues or allowing conditional check-ins

Ensure workers understand and agree to site rules

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated support team aims to be responsive and helpful. It means they’ll spend plenty of time learning about your company. They will also consider your needs, any compliance issues and safety obligations. It helps them configure Altora’s software to suit your company’s unique procedures and requirements.

Our team recognises that client feedback is a vital learning tool. When used correctly, it can help us significantly improve our services. So when we say your feedback is important, we mean it.

The core values and principles that drive us

Trusted onboarding solutions for effective worker management
Stable, long-term commitment

Stable, long-term commitment

Leading technology that’s flexible, responsive and reliable
Innovative, simple and cost-effective

Innovative, simple and cost-effective

Quality workforce management solutions at the right price
Genuine, personalised customer support

Genuine, personalised customer support

Tools and technical expertise backed by dedicated support management

Quickly and effectively confirm that your workers meet the site requirements.

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