On-the-spot site inductions

One system for check-in and induction

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Worksite check-ins can present challenges when workers and site visitors haven’t completed induction requirements, especially in urgent timeframes. These issues can become complex if there’s more than one platform to navigate while you’re trying to keep track of important compliance information.

We get it.

We created our Check-in System to address these issues. On-the-spot site inductions efficiently allow workers and visitors to complete their induction training at the time of check-in. With easy navigation, quick implementation, and a brilliantly simple interface, our on-the-spot site induction software is the perfect solution for managing site arrivals.

Assign site requirements to different workers and visitors

Large sites often have different induction and check-in requirements, depending on the type of visitor or worker. It’s often a complex process to manage these requirements and to ensure rigorous compliance, especially with multiple platforms. But with our single check-in platform offering maximum flexibility, you can assign various requirements to different workers and visitors, across a range of areas, such as:

Need a hand managing the information? No problem. We can handle information collection and analyse it to verify whether visitors meet site induction requirements.

Centralised dashboard for streamlined processes

Here’s how induction, documentary and policy requirements can work in practice:

Dedicated Support Team

Industry-leading support systems underpin our online induction software. As a critical first step, our team will spend time getting to know your operations and requirements. Then, they can recommend and customise the best Altora solutions for your business.

Our online support includes training videos, articles and answers to frequently asked questions. We also provide training seminars, a ticket support service and initial data management to make your transition to Altora as smooth as possible.

We value your feedback. It’s one of our most important learning tools, and we rely on it to improve our offerings.

We strive to support you however possible.

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The core values and principles that drive us

Accurate, easy and effective single platform for check-in and induction
Stable, long-term commitment

Stable, long-term commitment

Leading technology that’s flexible, responsive and reliable
Innovative, simple and cost-effective

Innovative, simple and cost-effective

Quality workforce management solutions at the right price
Genuine, personalised customer support

Genuine, personalised customer support

Tools and technical expertise backed by dedicated support management

On-the-spot induction, fully integrated with our Check-in System for efficient compliance and effective management.

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