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How it works

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When the worker arrives on-site, they either:

  • Use a tablet to check-in, or
  • Scan a QR code with their mobile device.


We check the site’s requirements against the worker’s training and compliance records. We notify the worker of any induction requirements they must complete.



The worker can complete any outstanding induction requirements on-the-spot. They can submit their documents and agree to any special terms.

Then they’re free to complete their check-in.



We notify site managers of all check-ins and completed inductions.

Site managers can see who’s checked in at any time.

Simple QR code check-in options

Display our check-in QR codes at convenient entry points so your workers can quickly complete check-ins on their devices. Our QR code system also supports on-the-spot induction monitoring.

Dedicated support team

We’re proud of our comprehensive support systems because our consultants will dedicate time to understand your business operations and requirements. Then they will use this information to curate and customise a plan for your business.

Our support also includes:

The success of our business depends on client feedback. We welcome your comments and take them seriously. It’s the most effective way to improve our services.

The core values and principles that drive us

Accurate, easy and practical solutions to power our induction and check-in systems.
Stable, long-term commitment

Stable, long-term commitment

Leading technology that’s flexible, responsive and reliable
Innovative, simple and cost-effective

Innovative, simple and cost-effective

Quality workforce management solutions at the right price
Genuine, personalised customer support

Genuine, personalised customer support

Tools and technical expertise backed by dedicated support management

Independent check-in system for emergencies, compliance and audits

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