How Digital Onboarding Increases Productivity and Profitability

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You’ll have heard that a good online onboarding system can not only save money and resources but can also optimise workplace productivity and profitability.

But what exactly does this mean for your organisation?

The impact of good onboarding can easily be measured, and we’re excited for you to see productivity and profitability enhanced within your organisation.

One of our clients, Enable, found that their recruitment and onboarding processes were proving inefficient and wanted a sustainable onboarding solution. 

Enable established that recruitment costs for their organisation have reduced by 55% since implementation of Altora’s software. Here are some other tangible benefits and statistics that can be measured and optimised through effective onboarding.

Cost savings:
It’s important to weigh up current budgets vs the cost savings an online onboarding software can provide.

If you take Enable for example, prior to using Altora it used to take them 7 hours to induct support workers whereas with Altora’s software, it only takes them 2 hours. 

To put this into perspective, with Enable’s 240 new support workers per year, who let’s hypothetically say are paid $30 per hour, employee wages for induction hours would drop from $50,400 to $14,400 per year. 

Time efficiency:
The time that can be saved for organisations with a good onboarding software is staggering.

Enable noted a significant time reduction across their organisation. Per month, the Altora system has saved managers roughly 4 hours time, 3.5 hours for coordinators, one hour of time for the CEO and HR approximately 3 hours.

Think of the administrative time this will save for your organisation, Altora’s onboarding software helps your staff to be more efficient, alleviates stress and allows them to engage in more fulfilling and less tedious work.

Culture, expectations and values:
Digital onboarding is a fantastic way of introducing your workers to culture and standards.

Enable noted they can ensure applicants have comprehensive knowledge about Enable’s culture, expectations and values through onboarding.

They also use Altora’s online induction to serve as a screening tool to ensure support role applicants understand what the role entails prior to signing on the dotted line. This helps them to avoid any unnecessary recruitment costs. 

If employees and contractors can come in and not only hit the ground running with less induction time, but are also significantly more informed, think how this will impact company culture and performance over time.

Compliance and accuracy:
Enable needed all of their workers to be adequately trained prior to their first shift. Through Altora, they are able to ensure that nothing is missed and support workers complete all required training, compliance and quality assurance before commencing. 

Compliance, training requirements and data errors are a significant challenge to keep on top of. Onboarding systems such as Altora can dramatically decrease errors, avoid missing deadlines, and optimise efficiency.

Keen to find out more? Our Product Specialist would love to show you a demo of how our system works and the features and benefits you can enjoy.  Simply click below to connect with Altora and we’ll be in touch shortly.

In the meantime, feel free to watch our product video below to see Altora’s software in action. 

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Nicole K

This article was written by Nicole, Altora’s Client Support Consultant. Nicole has significant experience in helping clients manage digital onboarding to increase profitability and productivity. Outside of work, Nicole loves exploring new cultures and places, and getting stuck into some arts and crafts.

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