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What are Toolbox Talks?

Toolbox talks are informal, brief health and safety ‘meetings’ traditionally delivered to workers on a worksite at the start of a shift or project. They can also be referred to as safety briefings or ‘Take 5’ safety talks.

They’re intended to be short, 5-10 minute sessions to share workplace health and safety (WHS) information on a particular topic related to the job or worksite, such as potential hazards, safe work practices and ways to minimise or eliminate the risk of injury to workers.

Employers or businesses – persons conducting a business or undertaking (a PCBU) have legal obligations under work health and safety laws to manage the safety of workers. Toolbox talks help promote a culture of safety in the workplace and facilitate knowledge sharing and safety best practices among employers, employees and contractors.

Toolbox talk safety topics

Toolbox talks can cover a wide range of topics and are not just limited to industrial or construction site-style workplaces. They can be relevant for those working from the home, office, or industry workplace. Talks might be delivered weekly or monthly, and topics may include:

Delivering safety briefings online – the virtual toolbox talk!

Traditionally, safety briefings or toolbox talks are delivered in person, by a site supervisor or WHS representative to groups of workers on site. But, this doesn’t always have to be the case!

Virtual toolbox talks, or conducting remote toolbox talks mean you can deliver safety briefings or workplace safety information anywhere, anytime. A virtual talk is suited to any type of workforce environment, as it doesn’t rely on having to coordinate getting everyone together at a single location at a specific time.

Using an online induction or online training platform enables content to be presented in a range of formats, including:

  • PowerPoint,
  • Video and/or
  • Audio files.

Plus, you can also create short quizzes to assess workers’ knowledge or attention. Workers can access the content via their desktop, laptop, or mobile device, enabling them to view and listen to content in a convenient, yet timely manner.

Altora’s online induction system

An online induction system, like Altora, can help businesses share Toolbox Talks quickly and easily with workers via a secure weblink.

Workers are sent the secure URL to view content on their mobile phone or PC. They can also complete short Q&A style assessments at the end of the presentation to assess understanding, or check compliance. Employers can monitor user completions, track results and store the records online in a central dashboard. It also provides real-time reporting, supporting your workplace compliance needs.

No more printing and filling in ‘attendance sheets’ and filing these away with other piles of paperwork and documentation.

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