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Altora Employee Spotlight – Introducing, Hamish – Product Specialist.

What brought you to Altora?

SEEK, and the search parameter of “no cold calls”. True.

I also felt safety, compliance, the legal requirement to induct staff would never go away and thus Altora could offer me a stable job/career selling a solution address those needs. Together with working for a small company that was nimbler and more flexible than a larger company.

What is your background/experience?

I used to move satellites for a living. I think I’ve moved 25 different satellites in space. Seriously.

I have a background in remote sensing, aerial surveying and GIS. I spent a little over 15 years in this industry capturing/selling imagery around the world. From monitoring penguin migration in Antarctica, capturing imagery for flight simulators and tasking satellites to capture bushfires, floods and Tsunami’s for emergency responders.

How long have you been working at Altora and what is your role?

Product Specialist. But in essence the sales person. Five years.

What do you enjoy most about working at Altora?

Speaking to potential clients from so many different industries. From child care, through to entertainment venues, construction, hospitality, everyone has a requirement to induct their workers, maintain insurances, keep people up to date with company policies and a unique story to tell of how badly it’s going without Altora.

How would you describe the working environment?

Better than working in a prison laundry or so I’m told.

I enjoy it, good team, the company founders/directors have a full time role in the company, so decisions get made quickly, they look to improve the business and what we offer clients.

How do you think Altora differentiates from competitors in the industry?

The feedback I get from clients is Altora is exceptionally easy to use, particularly if the person undertaking the induction isn’t strong with computers i.e something in the trades and they get done what they need to get done with the minimal amount of fuss. Plus our after sales support is far and above that of our competitors. You can get someone on the phone!

How has Altora evolved since you have been working with them?

The team continue to evolve the software, we take feedback from our client base to do this, and our reputation continues via word of mouth across a variety of industries.

What advice would you give to a colleague who recently joined Altora or who is in beginning of their professional career?

You should still play Tattslotto, so you have a small chance of retiring early. But you’ll enjoy your career at Altora will you wait for all the Powerball numbers to align.

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