A guide to the new Altora Contractor Check-in System

If you work in an industry that relies heavily on contractors, it is vital to have streamlined contractor management processes in place to ensure operational and safety requirements are met. This includes having full visibility of when your contractors have arrived on site and when they have departed so they can be notified of any need to evacuate in case of emergency. It’s also imperative that contractors have the required valid work licenses and accreditations and that these are up to date at all times.

The Altora Contractor Check-in System is an innovative, easy-to-use solution that harnesses technology to make contractor management much simpler and more effective. Online check in systems replace traditional paper-based systems providing enhanced visibility of an organisation’s contractors across all their sites.

What is the Altora Contractor Check-In System?

The Altora Contractor Check-in System is a convenient and affordable digital solution that allows you to record when contractors check in on-site and to monitor compliance requirements. The system is simple for businesses to roll out multiple check-in points across different sites, making it an incredibly versatile solution. Each check-in point can be set up with a tablet or a QR code printed on signage. It’s a viable option for a wide range of manned or unmanned locations, including in rural areas.

The system is also an effective monitoring tool, as it allows you to keep records of what contractors have checked in to the site and when. You can also validate induction requirements through this solution, which ensures that workers enter the site with all the necessary requirements. Efficient on the spot inductions can also be completed at the check in locations where required.

The Altora Contractor Check-in System is part of the Altora product range and is available as an add on option when combined with either the online Induction and Contractor Management Systems.

How does the Altora Contractor Check-in System work?

The Altora Contractor Check-in System is designed with versatility and simplicity in mind. This makes it suitable for a wide range of infrastructures and sites. It incorporates an easy-to-follow system for checking in as follows:

  • The worker or contractor arrives on-site and signs in on a tablet or scanning a QR code on signage
  • Site requirements are verified against worker’s training and compliance records
  • Where required, workers can complete inductions, submit documents and sign terms prior to check in
  • Site managers are notified of all check-ins and can view a list of all checked-in personnel at anytime

The features of the Contractor Check-in System are many including:

  • Customised check in flows
  • Built in inductions for workers to complete on site
  • Contactless, mobile self-check-in via QR codes
  • A real time list of who is currently on site
  • Volume pricing for multi-site management
  • Instant notifications

The Atora Check-In System is available for only $149 per month for two sites

Should you require more sites, please get in touch with us at (03) 9329 7130 or via email

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