5 Signs you Need a Workplace Sign-In System

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Keeping on top of who’s on site and ensuring regulations have been followed can feel like a minefield. How can anyone possibly remember who and when each worker has walked through the doors?

Thankfully, you don’t have to!

Altora’s sign-in system uses a clean interface to record user sign-ins via tablet or phone. It ensures that worker information is up-to-date, and everyone must satisfy compliance requirements before starting work.

Here are five signs that indicate your organisation could benefit from Altora’s Sign-in System:

Coordination challenges
with multiple systems:

Working with multiple systems that don’t communicate with each other can be a nightmare; it’s like having hundreds of tabs open! Having one multi-functional platform in which communication effortlessly flows provides a seamless user experience for both administrators and workers alike.

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Compliance concerns:
Compliance and safety requirements are vital, especially for sites that are of a high-risk nature. Not to mention evacuation or emergency requirements. If you work in the WHS field you’ll know first-hand how important it is to not only keep your workers safe, but also to cover yourself and ensure you’ve done everything you can to adhere to safety rules and regulations. 

Altora’s sign in system can help ensure all workers have followed safety requirements such as inductions, licences and certifications, and have the green light to work, allowing you to sleep well at night in the knowledge that everyone is compliant.

Ongoing battle to organise ‘who’s on site’:
It sounds quite straight forward, ‘who’s on site’. But when you look at the big picture, hundreds or thousands of works on a gargantuan site, the majority of which you might not even know by face or name, it becomes an impossible task to track.

In the past, this has all been done manually and paper-based, but fortunately Altora’s sign-in system does it for you. Manage multiple sites and visitors from a central database and dashboard with ease, and know exactly who is on site and when.

Reliability and accessibility issues with paper-based systems:
Relying on paper-based logbooks is a large risk for organisations. Mistakes are plentiful and things can easily go missing or can be misinterpreted. Having all sign-ins tracked in one platform will largely remove the possibility of error.  Altora’s sign-in system allows users to smoothly check in via tablet or phone when they arrive on site – simple!

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Lack of cost certainty and predictability:
If you’re already using a system(s) for check-in you may be experiencing unclarity on predicted costs and unnecessary hardware support fees. It’s important to have transparency on what expected costs are going to be for your organisation upfront and ongoing. Altora’s sign-in system is a fixed, sustainable pricing model with no per-user-fees, unlimited check-ins and unlimited kiosks per site.

If you’re struggling to coordinate multiple software packages, handwritten logbooks are unreliable and difficult, or organising who’s-on-site information is an ongoing battle, it sounds like you’re ready for a site sign-in system.

Our product specialist Hamish Horvath would be delighted to give you a demo of how our system works, along with an information package, so you and your organisation can make an informed decision.

Make the switch to Altora and enjoy an abundance of onboarding efficiency and clarity.

This article was written by Nicole, Altora’s Client Support Consultant. Nicole has significant experience in helping clients and their organisations manoeuvre and benefit from check in systems. Outside of work, Nicole loves exploring new cultures and places, and getting stuck into some arts and crafts.

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