Thales Group Case Study

How Thales Group managed contractor onboarding and online inductions

Thales Group is a global leader in cybersecurity and data protection. It services several industries including defence, aerospace, security, space, and transportation. It has more than 81,000 workers worldwide. 

In Australia, Thales Group has around 4,300 employees across 35 sites. It focuses on helping its customers turn leading-edge technologies into effective systems and solutions.   


Finding an efficient way to onboard and induct high volumes of workers

Thales Group engages contractors to ensure consistently high levels of customer service. This presents a significant challenge. For example, what is the best way to manage the onboarding and induction processes for high volumes of external workers? Is there a digital system to help ensure efficiency, safety, and quality standards? 

When Thales Group sought Altora’s help, it was managing multiple contractors across geographically diverse sites, and induction and onboarding were complex and time-consuming. Managers required a complete picture of contractor credentials and compliance whenever they were on a Thales-managed site. When time was critical, inductions moved slowly because compliance requirements – for example High Risk Work Licences and Trade Certifications – had to be manually checked and approved.   

Thales Group needed an integrated digital solution to:

  • manage inductions of its contractor workforce effectively; and
  • maintain site safety and risk management standards.

Because of the volume of these contracted workers, Thales sought a way to distinguish and manage active and inactive workers while being able to refer to historical records if required. Also, it needed digital document storage for its contractor management processes including: 

  • onboarding new contractors
  • collecting necessary credentials and paperwork
  • conducting site safety inductions 
  • keeping track of licence renewals and other compliance requirements.
Camouflaged Bushmaster armoured vehicle parked in a carpark next to an eucalyptus tree. Image represents how Thales Group managed contractor onboarding.
Grey warship with blue sky in background. Image represents how Thales Group managed contractor onboarding.


A centralised platform for induction and onboarding, integrated with existing systems

Since 2018, Thales Group has used Altora’s Online Induction System, which caters for significant volumes of workers. It differentiates between active and non-active workers, with previous records to refer to if needed. This level of flexibility is one of the significant advantages of Altora’s systems.  

Our user-friendly tools streamline and connect previously separate contractor management processes on a centralised platform. Key onboarding features include:

  • site-specific inductions
  • health and safety inductions
  • trade-specific licences
  • site checklists.

Our systems also provide other benefits, including:

  • seamless transfer of all information
  • merging records and accounts into Altora’s systems
  • customisable online profiles
  • automated checking for credentials
  • direct and ongoing support from our IT team
  • training and support from our development team
  • options for company-based permission levels
  • document storage, collection and notifications
  • interactive online induction courses
  • induction completion tracking
  • automated reminders.

We delivered these services through our easy-to-use, centralised dashboard, which helped Thales Group manage and track ongoing licence renewals, induction refreshers, and overall compliance. Real-time visibility has been a critical factor.

We chose Altora for the simple user interface, ease of administration and ability to include non-network users.


Smooth integration and implementation for an excellent outcome

Since Altora’s contractor management implementation, Thales has made the most of the streamlined digitised processes including:

  • 46,000 registered users since 2018, with 25,000 active users in 2023.
  • 20 external companies in Thales Group’s contractor management platform.
  • Faster, more standardised onboarding.
  • Increased engagement via multimedia inductions.
  • Total compliance visibility in one dashboard.

Thales has reduced administrative overheads with automated credential checking, permissions-based access, and digital induction sign-offs.

It’s a success story forged by a long-term partnership, clear vision and precise execution. 

At a glance

Client: Thales GroupIndustry: Cybersecurity and data protection


  • Meeting induction and onboarding requirements for a high volume of workers
  • Tracking licence renewals and other time-sensitive contractor compliance requirements
  • Needing an effective solution to manage safety requirements


Altora Online Induction System Altora Contractor Management System
Close-up of office building with Thales logo. Image represents how Thales Group managed contractor onboarding.
Altora’s digitised solutions have helped us scale our workforce efficiently. It’s a key aspect of the flexibility we offer our clients. With thousands of contractors and multiple sites, being able to meet growing business demands was becoming increasingly complex. But with Altora’s innovative technology to connect and optimise critical workflows, we now have one approach that allows us to manage contractor onboarding and inductions.

Patrick O’Callaghan

National Training Manager (HSE), Thales Group Australia

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