Isa Rodeo Case Study

Dec 14 – 2022

Onboarding, induction and compliance

Isa Rodeo is an Australian rodeo located in Mount Isa QLD. The rodeo celebrates traditional outback culture and holds a variety of events throughout the year including rodeo championships, rock concerts, road trips and other community activities.

With so many ongoing events, Isa Rodeo requires countless volunteers, contractors, vendors and community organisers to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Capabilities that offered compliance checkpoints and plenty of data storage

To organise the information of all their volunteers and help with the onboarding process, Isa Rodeo was looking for an online induction system. They needed an easy-to-use system that was cost-effective for the vast number of users they require. The system also needed to have a range of capabilities that offered compliance checkpoints and plenty of data storage.

a man during a rodeo
a man during a rodeo


Altora had everything Isa Rodeo was looking for in an online induction system.

The system allows for an unlimited number of users at no additional cost and includes compliance checkpoints to ensure all necessary policies are met with ease. Altora also offers a robust support team to help solve any issues we might run into along the way.

In particular, Altora is able to ensure Isa Rodeo’s vendor applications meet requirements by verifying information such as insurance coverage, stall requirements, licences, vaccination records, business details, payment details, emergency contacts and important policy acknowledgements.

As a company, Altora has no faults.


Isa Rodeo’s events continue go off without a hitch with the help of Altora.

Isa Rodeo began using Altora in July 2021 for their volunteer onboarding. However, they found the system to be so useful that they now also use Altora to register and manage their vendor applications as well. In the future, they also plan to use Altora for their contractor onboarding, continuing to use the system for the foreseeable future.

Isa Rodeo has 636 users and 4 admins on the Altora system and, out of their research, found that Altora was the only induction system able to cater to the vast number of volunteers they work with.

From a compliance standpoint, Altora also stood out to Isa Rodeo as this was another important consideration for them. Plus, they found Altora’s support team to be fantastic and super helpful.

Isa Rodeo plans to continue using Altora as they feel it’s a great way for them to store and access their volunteer and vendor data. What started as a simple volunteer onboarding system, now helps keep the entire organisation running and Isa Rodeo’s events continue go off without a hitch with the help of Altora.

At a glance

Client: Isa Rodeo Limited Industry: Events Location: Mount Isa, QLD


  • Capability to handle large numbers of onboarding for vendors, volunteers and contractors
  • Maintain records of all inductees even if some were not returning to the following years event
  • A centralised system to store records of vendor certifications and business details


Altora Induction
a man wearing a helmet riding a bull
We find the support to be fantastic and super helpful with the ability to answer our questions and find a solution. Overall, Altora is a great way to be able to access our data and we’d be happy to recommend it to others.

Elli Vukasovic

Events Operations Manager
Isa Rodeo Limited

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