DSE Transport Case Study

How DSE improved worker induction and onboarding with Altora's products

DSE Transport is one of Australia’s leading transport and logistics companies. With a 25-year history of trusted service, it’s known for mechanical excellence and unwavering values. DSE offers transport solutions, ranging from scheduled linehaul and dedicated parcel trucks to fully customised nationwide haulage solutions. DSE sought to improve its worker induction and onboarding system. It wanted to efficiently and effectively prepare staff for work duties while maintaining high safety standards and ensuring legal compliance. 


Finding a single platform to deliver multiple services nationwide

With a large workforce spread throughout Australia, DSE sought a single induction and onboarding system for its drivers, administrative employees and labour hire workforce. In the past, DSE’s research had revealed that other platforms were often single-service offerings (for example, induction training only). With a variety of needs, DSE was concerned that subscribing to multiple single-service platforms would cause unacceptable complexity and difficulty because DSE would have to:  

  • Maintain multiple subscriptions
  • Spend time and effort teaching workers how to use each platform
  • Stay up-to-date with any changes on each platform
  • Learn how to navigate the similarities and differences of each platform. 

DSE knew it had to find a better solution: a single system to train and efficiently onboard the DSE workforce while delivering other services, such as data collection. It also needed the flexibility to add more services while continuing to accommodate a high volume of users.

A convoy of white trucks with yellow and red DSE logos. The image represents DSE's improvements to worker induction and onboarding.
A DSE Transport worker in an orange safety vest. He is leaning against a white truck cab with the driver's door open. The image represents DSE's improvements to worker induction and onboarding.


A two-fold solution for DSE's worker induction and onboarding

With constant and pressing transport deadlines, efficient induction and onboarding were critical to DSE’s services, so we recommended a two-fold solution:

    1. Altora’s easy-to-use Online Induction System
      The aim was to create efficient induction training while offering the convenient storage of training records. With the ability to track compliance requirements and training progress, we successfully streamlined DSE’s induction processes.


    2. Altora’s Contractor Management System 

      Our system improved onboarding processes and timings, validated certifications, and automated licence renewals. It also offered a faster way to pre-qualify contractors, ensuring a speedier path to worker commencement. 

I would say that I am 95% happy with what this program does


Efficient and reliable induction for a significant commercial advantage

DSE has used the Altora system since 2020. With 245 users and five administrators, it exceeds expectations. Even better, the system is clear and intuitive to use, making it accessible to all workers. This is a significant advantage in the fast-paced world of transport and logistics. 

At a glance

Client: DSE Transport
Industry: Transport and logistics


  • Finding a single system for induction, onboarding and other functions
  • Ensuring the system was flexible, easy-to-use and effective


Altora Online Induction System
Altora Contractor Management System

The other systems I’ve used are either learning and development-specific or induction-specific. But I find Altora to be a happy conglomeration of both, as well as a data collection tool. It’s basically a small CRM system with fantastic features. For example, Altora collects the data required, sets things in a specific order, and has an easy to use dashboard.

Paul Russell

Compliance/Recruitment/Project Manager, DSE Transport

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