Clough Case Study

06 February 2024

How Clough managed complex inductions and training with Altora's products

Clough is a pioneering project delivery firm providing specialist engineering and construction solutions to the energy, resources and infrastructure industries. For more than 100 years, it’s been an Australian market leader. Clough’s services cover all critical project phases, and include:

  • Helping clients transition to renewable and clean energy sources.
  • Creating solutions for mineral extraction, handling and exporting.
  • Delivering major public and private infrastructure projects.

Innovation, sustainability, workplace safety, and efficiency are the fundamental values that underpin Clough’s operations.


Customising software to manage volume and multiple site requirements

Since 2014, Clough has used Altora’s software for induction and training solutions. With a high volume of workers across multiple sites, Clough needed:

  • A single system that was quick and simple to use.
  • The ability to provide inductions in advance, particularly for offshore workers.
  • To remotely access and check training and induction information.
Also, the solution needed to accommodate different types of visitors who would all have to meet different compliance requirements. For example:
  • employees
  • contractors
  • subcontractors
  • vendors.
Software efficiency was a critical aspect of avoiding safety risks. For example, ensuring workers had appropriate safety training before arriving at complex sites and allowing managers to monitor multi-site training and induction progress. Clough also needed the ability to quickly and easily check licences and other compliance documents.

Economically, it was also important to avoid delays. For example, if workers weren’t inducted immediately upon arrival, any waiting periods would force Clough to bear additional workforce costs.

We were ready to meet these challenges. 

Male office worker in blue shirt with a beard looking up from computer and smiling. Image represents how Clough managed complex inductions.


Robust, customised induction and training software

We recommended our Online Induction System, which would provide multiple services and operate from a centralised dashboard. With a customised system, Clough now offers diverse online training, including:
  • safety inductions
  • site-specific training courses and videos
  • visitor inductions
  • rigging and scaffolding training
  • code of conduct training
  • diversity training
  • offshore rig inductions
  • health and safety training.

Workers’ certifications are easily accessible, and the system accommodates high volumes of completion records. These features make it an excellent tool for overseeing compliance and data analysis. Importantly, Clough can use a saved report function that allows administrators to run reports without the painstaking task of recreating them whenever the information is needed.

However, we didn’t stop there. We also assisted Clough with multiple course setups, including:

  • creating, uploading and embedding content
  • optimising user experience for each course
  • bulk-uploads of worker details, including new user profiles
  • assigning workers to their corresponding inductions
  • bulk notifications to users
  • technical support
  • exporting data for compliance.

Our goal was to provide a comprehensive platform that would anticipate and meet Clough’s worker induction and training needs.

Altora's system expands and contracts as we need it. It's flexible, robust and reliable.


Simple, efficient and compliant inductions at scale

Throughout this time, we have been able to oversee inductions for many Clough projects:
  • Tallawarra Stage B
  • Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2
  • Woodman Point Sludge Treatment Facilities Upgrade
  • Snowy 2.0
  • Project Ceres
  • Ichthys integrated project management services
  • Wheatstone project offshore hook-up and commissioning.
Clough consistently uses the Online Induction System in high volumes, averaging around 1500 course completions per month across multiple worksites. It vividly demonstrates the value Altora’s system adds to Clough’s operations.
Clough can now:
  • Train and induct thousands of workers on multiple sites according to project compliance requirements.
  • Provide proof of compliance when needed.
  • Quickly generate real-time audit reports as required.
  • Get a better understanding of induction metrics across all sites.
Induction and training are streamlined. Safety and efficiency are vastly improved, and compliance is straightforward, more accurate and much easier to oversee. Our partnership with Clough has been an exceptional success story.

At a glance

Client: Clough
Industry: Energy, Resources and infrastructure


  • Inducting and training a high volume of workers across multiple sites
  • Meeting different compliance and induction requirements
  • Tracking compliance and induction progress


Altora Online Inductions Induction
Overhead view of workers on a construction site in hard hats and high-visibility clothing. Image represents how Clough managed complex inductions.

Our long relationship with Altora is pivotal to Clough’s ongoing success. With convenient and accurate induction, Altora has delivered tremendous value. It’s been an excellent working relationship, underpinned by outstanding customer support.”

Jody Kershaw

Senior Learning and Development Advisor


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