Bulk Liquid Carriers Case Study

Onboarding, induction and compliance

Bulk Liquid Carriers provide safe, reliable and efficient liquid transport across Australia. Their large tanker fleet and national reach allow them to offer the best transportation services for bulk liquids. 

Coordinating the movement of products, cataloguing the drivers and keeping track of all outgoing trucks are key to ensuring safe and successful deliveries.


Keeping track of all these business components in-house was inefficient. Bulk Liquid Carriers needed a way to reduce paper forms and unnecessary administration.

Being able to upload all their policies electronically, along with medicals and licencing would cut down on wasted time. They wanted every employee to be able to access everything work-related at the click of a button. 

Bulk Liquid Carriers required powerful software with a range of capabilities. However, they also needed a simple interface that could be easily accessed by all of their drivers. 

A full length liquid transport carrier. The image represents BLC's site induction improvements.
Fleet of freight transport trucks representing truck drivers ready after induction and safety training


Altora provides an innovative software solution in a straightforward, easy-to-use system. The accessibility of the interface and availability of their support team made starting with Altora even easier.

Bulk Liquid Carriers chose Altora for their ease of use and they couldn’t be happier with how much the solution has helped their business. 

"Highly recommended and very happy with Altora"


Bulk Liquid Carriers began using Altora software back in February 2021. Since then, Bulk Liquid Carriers have customised the Altora portal to suit their business needs. 

They’d heard good things about Altora and haven’t looked back since. Now they use Altora for everything from employee forms and company policies to medicals and licencing. 

Altora has made training future drivers easier and Bulk Liquid Carriers have taken full advantage of their inactive user function. This has made it simpler and faster to maintain and obtain a copy of a user’s records, even after they no longer work for them. 

Bulk Liquid Carriers also use Altora for onboarding different driving divisions, as well as a non-driver generic onboarding induction. Altora provides complex software in a way that’s simple and easy to use, allowing them to run their business more efficiently. 

And in the transportation industry, efficiency is everything. Altora has helped Bulk Liquid Carriers streamline their software systems. 

At a glance

Client: Bulk Liquid Carriers
Industry: Road Freight Transport
Location: Victoria
Company size: 158 workers


  • Replacing an ineffective in-house paper-based system with an online one
  • Each employee to have easy access to all work-related information from any location


Altora Online Induction 

A white liquid carrier truck, ready for transportation. This image represents BLC's improvement to worker induction and contractor management.
Altora was our first [induction system] but we had heard good things about Altora, which is why we went with them…Simple and easy to navigate.

Ash Bonat

Administration Manager, Bulk Liquid Carriers Pty Ltd

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